The 5 key lifestyle factors to instantly improve your quality of life

Monday, July 15, 2013

If you could have more energy, increased positivity and be healthier & happier would you be willing to commit to positive change in '5 key lifestyle areas'?

The obvious question you are likely to ask is...what are the '5 key lifestyle areas'?

Read on and all will be revealed on what truly creates the perfect body chemistry to be your best...

How well you sleep, the food you eat, how active you are, the way you think and how you manage stress are the 5 key areas of your life that directly affect your internal body chemistry and your chances for a naturally high life.


When you SLEEP well; your body naturally:

Restores chemical balance
Repairs muscle tissue damage
Processes memories from the day
Stores long-term memories of those things that you perceive as important


When you EAT well; your body responds to:

Maintain cellular balance
Boost energy levels to get you through the day
Enhance all of its systems & functions (muscular system, digestive system etc.)
Ensure chemical balance (controlled release of hormones, elevates serotonin levels and limits adrenaline and insulin spikes).


When you EXERCISE regularly; it has a profound effect on your overall wellbeing:

Like food, exercise has both a foundation and a trigger effect.
A good fitness foundation allows you to manage daily pressures with less adrenaline response.
You can also use exercise to immediately burn off excess stress chemicals (eg. cortisol) and rapidly restore your internal balance.
You feel brighter and more energetic due to 'happy hormone' release (endorphin's).
The longer term (chronic) effects of regular exercise on your mind, body & soul can be extremely positive.


When you THINK positively; your body chemistry responds to:

Create an essential balance of hormones that assist in the pursuit of a naturally high life.
Reduce adrenaline kicking in when you are scared or anxious
Keep you motivated because you have hope
Ensures a better chemical balance (elevates serotonin levels).
Put out certain 'emotional signatures' with each prevailing positive emotion. You can then become chemically addicted to positive thoughts and your body chemistry then seeks an environment to create more positive thoughts.


When you control STRESS effectively; you are essentially:

Providing a stable platform to balance your body chemistry and avoid burnout.
Reducing the excess build up of stress chemicals (eg. cortisol).
Controlling feelings of fear, edginess and anxiety.
Helping to avoid the the build up of inflammation and muscle tension within your body
Keeping blood sugar more stable and the fat cells less receptive.

In my next post I will be providing tips on how you can make positive change in the 5 key lifestyle areas. In the meantime, try to use some of your own proven strategies to sleep better, eat healthier, move more, think positive and control your stress levels.

Enjoy the challenge!

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