50-Day Winter Challenge

Monday, July 27, 2015

Take the 50-Day Winter Challenge and create a fitter, healthier you!
Stop wishing. Create yourself. Better things are coming...
Are you ready to take the challenge?

As we move through winter, there is often a strong temptation to hibernate into a cycle of inactivity and unhealthy eating. The cold weather can certainly tempt us all to eat more and move less.

The 50-Day Winter Challenge provides you with a guiding light, a focus that keeps you more mindful about creating healthy lifestyle habits.

Join the next 50-Day Challenge from Monday August 3rd to keep yourself accountable and learn how to create everlasting change.

Are you looking to avoid another winter of discontent?

The winter months are often a time when we can easily lose focus of our health & fitness goals, regularly leading to unwanted weight gain.

The 50-Day Challenge presents you with a great opportunity to join forces with us to achieve positive lifestyle change. By setting some realistic goals & building a workable plan you are well on your way to creating a healthier and more active lifestyle. YOU set your own goal. TOGETHER we make it happen!

50-Day Winter Challenge details:

Start-up Week: Monday 3rd August- Saturday 8th August 2015 (Enrolment Week)
Final Week: Monday 21st Sept- Saturday 26th Sept 2015 (Dependant on start-up day)
Venue: Initial check-in and 50th day check-in to be completed at Mind Body & Soul Fitness Studio in Bicton.

Investment: $50 commitment fee to cover the full 50-days. (Includes pre/ post Wellness overview, Goal Setting and ongoing Wellness Coaching in the form of weekly email support & Wellness Education Blog).
Bookings: Contact Us today to join the next Mind Body & Soul 50-Day Challenge

More information: Find out more about the 50-Day Challenge on the MBS Facebook Page.

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