Personal Training Perth

Our Personal Training Team are committed to delivering training sessions that are dynamic, interactive and specifically geared for your individual needs/ goals.

The great news is that you can select the format of Personal Training that works for you!

We provide exclusive 30 or 60 minute 1-on-1 Personal Training. Alternatively, you may select to team up with 2-6 friend/s or family and split the cost by participating in Group PT (60min).

Whichever format you decide is right for you, be assured that Our Team of quality Personal Trainers are hand-picked to provide you with an outstanding level of technical skills/ service.  Our like-minded team of trainers are all Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professionals and expertly qualified to achieve results!

We Reward You for committing to a fitter, healthier You!

In 2023 we are rewarding all personal training clients by offering great price discounts for 10, 20, 30 & 50 PT session packages. You can save up to 20% off our Personal Training fees by purchasing PT session packages upfront.

Personal Training Fee Schedule (2024):

PT Pricing Schedule
Effective 1/05/23
Single Session10 PACK
(10% saving)
(12.5% saving)
(15% saving)
(20% saving)
(GST Inc.)
 (10% off)
*Save $66
 (12.5% off)
*Save $165
 (15% off)
*Save $297
(20% off)  
*Save $660
(GST Inc.)
(10% off)
*Save $84
(12.5% off)
*Save $210
(15% off)
*Save $378
(20% off)
*Save $840
(GST Inc.)
(10% off)
*Save $100
(12.5% off)
*Save $250
(15% off)
*Save $450
(20% off)
*Save $1000

*All prices are GST inclusive (AUD).

*PT discounts and savings figures are based on single session comparisons.

*Special Package prices are valid until 30th June 2024 and require upfront payment.
**Payment Terms- Cash, Credit Card, EFTPOS & EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).

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