Movement is Medicine

Monday, February 24, 2014

Movement is your best medicine...

Have you heard the old adage: "If you don't use it, you lose it."

I have always thought this to be one of those grand statements of generalisation.

These types of simplified statements always made me quizzical...

What exactly do we need to use and for how long and how often?


What do we lose if we don't use it, and how fast do we lose it?

After attending a Movement & Performance workshop in North Beach yesterday with presenter John Polley (JP Active) I walked away feeling totally enlightened by the magic of human movement. There were no smoke & mirrors; just a collection of great new training concepts and global movement patterns to share with my clients. For the majority of clients these movements and techniques will be potentially life changing.

In addition, the training workshop presented me with a couple of profound gems to takeaway.

So here they are in all of their glory:

"Rigidity is the enemy of all biology."
"Movement is the best medicine."

These statements in all their simplicity have personally unlocked a treasure chest of ideas and reaffirmed what I have been practicing and preaching for the past 20+years to my fitness clients.

The simple message is; we were designed to move and our very existence depends on it. Every human system is reliant on varied movement & load patterns to function effectively. The Muscular, Skeletal, Cardio-respiratory, Digestive and Nervous System; to name a handful, will eventually break down and effectively fail without regular movement.

I unfortunately witnessed an elderly family member suffer this very fate. I found it difficult to understand how a broken hip could end a seemingly healthy and vibrant life. My dear late-Grandmother who was in her mid 90's at the time, sadly started to shut down when forced into a hospital bed after a fall. Like many others in her situation, she tragically passed away within a week due to natural causes.

Natural causes?! I always wondered what that meant....

"Rigidity is the enemy of all biology"

"Movement is medicine"


In a rapidly changing world of convenience and technology at seemingly every turn; we as a population are consuming more food & medicine than ever before; and alarmingly moving much less. No amount of education or government health initiatives will change this fact in the short term. It all hinges on "self responsibility." The positive message this brings is that we all have a choice. You can be your own "agent of positive change" to create a fitter, healthier life derived from more active movement. You can also employ the help of a qualified fitness professional for individual direction and advice on the type of exercise that is right for you.

I understand that some of you reading this, especially our Mind Body & Soul clients; may believe I'm preaching to the converted. This is fantastic, however the message must remain constant:

"Movement is your best medicine."


Dalcourt, Michol , Quote: 'Rigidity is the enemy of all biology.'
Michol Dalcourt is an Educator, Author, Trainer, Inventor and an industry leader in the areas of human Movement and Performance Training.

Brett Smith, Wellness Coach (Mind Body & Soul Fitness Studio).

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