Learn how to clean up your diet with a 'Weed & Feed' approach

Thursday, September 04, 2014

What is Weed & Feed Nutrition?
Put simply, it is all about 'Weeding Out' non-core foods and 'Feeding In' more of nature's goodness...

Nutrition is far from an exact science. Nevertheless, healthy eating is purely a collection of healthy choices; to achieve a healthy outcome. A great place to start 'eating clean' is via a Weed & Feed approach:

Start out by identifying the 'non-core' foods & beverages that currently exist in your diet.

*By description 'non-core' products are energy dense and nutrient poor and include:

Highly processed foods (includes most packaged & take-away food options)
Soft drinks
Energy drinks

**'Non-core' food & beverages provide little or no nutritional value and do not belong in the five food groups specified by the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

By 'Weeding out' or eliminating some of these non-essential options from your diet you can expect to have a positive impact on:

Reducing your calorie intake
Stabilising your blood sugar levels
Reducing the prevalence of nutrition-related chronic disease
Improving your health and well-being


Over the years it is more likely than not, you have had it drummed into you by your parents, naturopath, dietician or fitness trainer to 'EAT MORE FRUIT & VEGETABLES.'

If you are looking for a brighter future it is time to 'Feed In' a rich abundance of colorful fruits and vegetables. The potential benefits associated with eating more fruits and vegetables stack up quickly: Reducing your risk of certain chronic diseases is only the beginning.

The Power of Fruit and Vegetables extends to:

Increased energy levels
Improved skin appearance
Weight loss
Improved digestion
Mineral & vitamin booster

The thing I love about the 'Weed & Feed' approach to nutrition is that it is a practical way to 'Eat Clean.' With a little desire, commitment & mindfulness, you have the power to make the healthy choice:

'Weed Out' the nasties, that have a leaching affect on our bodies and 'Feed In' some more of nature's goodness.

I can guarantee that your Mind, Body & Soul will thank you for it!

Brett Smith, Wellness Coach (Mind Body & Soul Fitness Studio).

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