Is alcohol stopping you from being your best?

Sunday, March 03, 2013

WEED OUT or cut down on alcohol
When was the last time you had a lengthy break from alcohol?

As part of my 50-Day Challenge I made a commitment to eliminate all alcohol for the month of February. I also challenged a few of my personal training clients to join me on Feb Fast to assist with their overall health and wellness. Here are a few reasons why you may also consider taking a break from alcohol for a month, a week or even just a weekend.

I can report that we were all successful in getting thru the month of February alcohol-free. We all shared similar stories of temptation when attending weddings, parties and anything where drinks were readily available.

Drinking too much, too often, due to social programming over many years can make you unaware that you are drinking purely out of habit alone.

Not only does regular drinking lead to weight gain, but the mood issues, poor sleep, lethargy and non-productive hours that surround a high regular intake of alcohol have been known to cause relationship issues, work issues, health issues and life issues. That's enough issues to make you want to go cold turkey!

From a nutrition standpoint, alcohol is a non-core product which provides an abundance of empty calories (ie. energy dense & nutritonal poor). When you drink alcohol your body changes the way it processes energy. It burns the simple sugars first (ie. alcohol) and the carbohydrates and fats then take a back seat, that are then more likely to be stored as fat on your back seat! (ie. gluteus maximus).

So if you know that drinking a little too much, a little too often is negatively impacting on your life in more ways than you would like- now is a good time to live more and drink less.

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