50-Day Challenge Success Story

Monday, August 25, 2014

Interview: Claire Werner

Claire was a standout participant in our 50-Day Winter Challenge in June 2013. A strong commitment to 'coach herself to wellness' was truly inspirational and earned her the 50-Day Challenge Gold Medal.
Claire has been kind enough to share her success story after an interview with Brett Smith (Mind Body & Soul's Wellness Coach) this week:

Q.1 What prompted you to take on the Mind Body & Soul 50-Day Challenge?

I took on the 50 Day Challenge as a way to create structure and focus in achieving my fitness and weight loss goals. I also love a challenge!

Q.2 What were your personal goals that you wanted to achieve?

I wanted to lose 8 – 10 kg and work towards getting fit and strong enough to do a half marathon. I am aiming to complete my first half marathon in August 2014.

Q.3 How did the 50-Day Challenge help you to achieve these goals?

I think the Challenge helped me because I am competitive by nature. Being part of a like-minded group also provided me with the motivation to stay on track & accountability for my actions. The ongoing information & education from Mind Body & Soul's Fitness Trainers was very encouraging and pushed me to achieve. I also made a point of regularly attending Personal Training and Group Training at the fitness studio. On each visit, I aimed to walk away knowing I’d tried as hard as possible.

Q.4 What were your 50-Day Challenge achievements/ highlights?

Well winning was pretty good...but for me the change in my body shape was fabulous. I discovered muscles I didn't know I had! I still cling to the hope that somewhere under my polar bear padding is a six pack! A girl can dream!!

Q.5 Have you been able to achieve ongoing positive change post 50-Day Challenge?

The pleasing thing is the healthy habits and routines I have established have been maintained. I have still been able to eat well, lose some more weight and exercise regularly. Due to a recent injury I have not been able to exercise in the same way but has meant I have concentrated on other lifestyle choices. I have recently been working on sleep, something I am very bad at, but getting better, and mobility. I never go a day now without 30 minutes of mobility and stretching.

Q.6 What advice would you provide to current or future 50-Day participants looking to create a fitter, healthier lifestyle?

I think the key is desire, you have to want to change more than you want to be the way you currently are. Once that desire is there, then I actually think it's about setting goals and then planning to achieve them. I planned everything, all my meals, all my exercise, and I know that seems a bit excessive but I have a super busy work schedule to contend with. It includes a lot of travel, eating out; it’s very easy to go off track. I would even phone restaurants a few days before visiting to ensure they could cook me a meal that was healthy. I would pack snacks for travel, so I wasn't tempted by aeroplane food.

When I do go off track, which is rarely, I don’t give myself a hard time. I just get straight back into routine. I also think lots of variety is great, it keeps me interested. I do something different every day for exercise and include long walks as extras when I just need to de-stress. Really, you need to stop thinking about it and just do it!

Claire's 50-Day Challenge Highlights included: 6kg weight loss, 11cm decrease in waist measurement & 6.0% Body Fat loss.
For more information on the Mind Body & Soul 50-Day Challenge click to our dedicated webpage: http://www.personaltrainer-perth.com.au/50-day-challenge

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