50 Day Challenge

50 day challenge

What is the 50 Day Challenge?

As we move through life, there is an ongoing temptation to slide into a cycle of inactivity and unhealthy eating.

The 50 Day Challenge provides a perfect opportunity to be more mindful about making positive lifestyle choices that create everlasting change.

50 days is an ideal length of time to break unhelpful habits, find your happy and create positive change in your life.

What does the 50 Day Challenge involve?

The Challenge requires a 50 day commitment from you to create positive change in the nominated aspects of your life. This may be related to weight management, confident mindset, energy levels, or any other aspect of your life that requires enhancement.

At the start of the challenge, an initial check-in is completed to ascertain your starting weight and waist measurement.  You will also complete a wellness questionnaire which assists in highlighting your key focus areas.

Over the course of the challenge, you are provided with regular updates by a qualified Wellness Coach to keep you on track, and tips to assist you in making positive lifestyle changes. You can also join in the conversation with like-minded challenge participants via our Facebook forum.

At the end of the 50-Day Challenge, a  final review is completed to assess your progress & provide feedback on your individual results relating to your fitness & wellness goals.

What fitness level do I need in order to participate?

There is no particular fitness level required to in order to participate in the 50 day challenge. We assist you in setting realistic goals and outcomes that match with your current fitness level.

What is the end goal of the challenge?

Everyone who participates in the challenge will have their own personal goals that they set out to achieve over the course of the seven weeks. We support you in the process of creating positive lifestyle change. However, you take ownership of setting your own personal goals and coaching yourself to wellness.

What are the benefits?

The benefits our previous 50 day Challenge participants have experienced include:

    • Increased Energy Levels
    • Reduced Body Fat
    • Improved Eating Habits
    • Increased Memory Retention
    • More Confident Mindset
    • Enhanced Positive Self-Talk
    • Increased Self Esteem
    • Emotional Wellness

What can be achieved?

Participants in our previous challenges have seen some amazing results. We reward our top three outstanding achievers with Gold, Silver & Bronze prizes to celebrate their commitment to positive change.

Check out our Testimonials page to read about our latest 50-Day Challenge winner's story.

What is the investment and what do I get?

A $50.00 commitment fee is required to participate. This includes pre- and post- challenge check-ins, assistance in setting your personal goals and educational support during the 50 days. Many participants also choose to  participate in Group Training & Personal Training programs to maximise their progress.

When does it start?

We currently run two (2) 50 Day Challenge programs per year.  The next 50-Day Summer Challenge commences in February 2018.   Contact us to find out more about enrolling in our upcoming 50-Day Challenge.

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